2023 Preservation in Black & White The Valley Railroad: Where History Lives


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We are excited to debut the Friends of the Valley Railroad’s 2023 calendar: Preservation in Black & White. This is the 13th calendar in the FVRR calendar series and once again features beautiful photos from many of the Valley’s best and most loyal photographers.

The preservation of the Golden Age of railroads is not just about maintaining the antique equipment, though that is an integral part of it. It is also about the representation of that period in time—the historical accuracy. Today’s Valley Railroad goes to great lengths to reflect the glory days of railroads in small town Connecticut. Since much of that era happened before color photography, this year’s FVRR calendar takes a step back in time and showcases the Valley Railroad in black and white through scenes reminiscent of steam railroading in the United States during the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s.


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