New Haven Caboose Rehabilitation

Project: Equipment

This New Haven Caboose is known by many as the Landon Lumber Caboose of Madison, CT.  Landon used the caboose as a yard office for customers picking up their orders.  In January 2017, Landon Lumber started an expansion of their facility and offered the caboose to the Friends of the Valley Railroad.  

This New Haven Caboose was built by Pullman-Standard company in Worcester, CA. in 1940, a class NE-5 (Conrail incorrectly listed it as NE-6). Its original New Haven Railroad number was C-540. It became 19821 when Penn Central took ownership in 1969 and retained its number during the Conrail merger.

In October 1988 Landon Lumber took delivery of it and put it on a panel track in the middle of their lumberyard, repainted it, and lettered it Landon Lumber number 134 (conveniently their street address). Because of the challenge for larger vehicles to get into Landon yard, around 2004 the trucks were removed and the caboose was moved out of the middle of the driveway to where it sits today.  The trucks, couplers, and other parts were obtained by a local train enthusiast.

Photo By: Grant Lowry  Source: Link
License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA


The Friends of the Valley Railroad are in the process of restoring the caboose, trucks, couplers and other parts for a multi-stage rehabilitation to its original New Haven colors.  The trucks and caboose have arrived and work will start Wednesday nights through November when weekend work will start.   This will be a great addition to Goodspeed Yard as a display piece.

FVRR Moving Crew

Fund Raising

The Friends would like to raise funds to complete this project through donations to the FVRR, a volunteer, not-for-profit organization; IRS code Section 501(c)(3).




as of 12/31/17

The Friends of the Valley Railroad are extremely excited and thankful for the great interest shown in this project.   With the idea of a complete restoration we certainly know that there will be much, much more work to be done.   We would like to let you know that anything earned beyond what has currently been raised will go towards the restoration of the inside of the caboose.  No timeline or designs have been completed yet but conceptual ideas have already been discussed.  We look forward to keeping everyone updated as the project moves forward.